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Benchmarking: not without a methodology! SIG Procurement discussed what you need.

Before you determine how to perform a benchmark, you first have to answer the question “can we do this on our own – or is a consultant indispensable?” What came out of both presentations at the SIG Procurement event on 15/01 is the critical need for a methodology – a lot of data and some automated way to process this information.

In their presentations, Bouk de Ruijter and Albert van Dijk of METRI, and Bauke van Daalen from ISG/Compass, covered a lot of ground, explaining how they use and standardise data, where and how they collect data, how they keep it up to date, how they keep track of market trends, their examples of the “perfect” benchmarking clause, and much more.

Some of the most important take-aways from the presentations and interactive discussions included:
- You need a lot of data to benchmark the right services;
- Data cannot be older than 12 months;
- Be sure that you are comparing “like for like”;
- Mobile tariffs are still going down; be sure to put that in your contract.

You can read the report and the presentation (members only, just log in). View pictures.

The following companies (ICT decision makers only) registered to participate - 15 January at ING Belgium: Agfa Gevaert, Argenta Spaarbank, BESIX, BNP Paribas Fortis, FOD Financiën, ING België, ISG, KBC ICT Global Services, METRI, Sita Waste Services, Swift.

-Benchmarking presentation by Metri
Bart de Ruijter, Partner METRI and Albert van Dijk, Director METRI

-Benchmarking presentation by Compass
Bauke van Daalen, Director Compass

-Follow-up of the topics from our previous meeting and preparation of our next agenda:

  • Towards a BELTUG index for mobile data?
  • Gathering benchmark clauses
  • BELTUG RFP for DDOS attacks
  • Preparing the agenda for the next meeting.

Paul De Cooman, BELTUG


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