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The following companies registered to participate at Salons De Romree: Aastra Belgium, Abusol, ADMB, Advalco, Agoria, Arcadiz, Arcadiz Telecom NV, Ascom, Ausy/DataFlow, Bank Degroof Banque, B-CCENTRE (ICRI - KU Leuven), Belgacom, Belgium Cloud, BELNET, BIPT-IBPT, BNP Paribas Fortis, BT, CG Power Systems Belgium, DataCenter United, De Ceunynck , Defence, Devoteam, Digipolis, Dimension Data, Effect, EMC, EPMIC, Eurofiber, European Commission, Exclusive Networks, Falconstone, Febelfin, Fedict, FOD Financiën, FOD Mobility and Transport, G Data Security Labs, Getronics Belgium, Heel Belgium, Helio Partners, Hubo, Information Risk Management, ING België, IPG Group, Johnson & Johnson, KBC ICT Global Services, Laurion, LCL, Level 3 Communications, Mobco, MobileIron, Mobistar, Nationaal Verbond van Socialistische Mutualiteiten, Netapp, Newtel Essence, Orange Business Services, PHI Data, Police Judiciaire Fédérale - Federal Computer Crime Unit, Regie der Gebouwen, Ricoh Belgium, Siecom, Syntigo, Tam Tam Consulting, Telenet, Thales Belgium, The Brussels Airport Company, time.lex, UKTI, Universiteit Gent, USG People, Verizon, WUST.J.

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-Towards a sociology of social media, Ben Caudron, Sociologist, Digital Strategist, Fluidism Advisor, Writer
Ben Caudron will offer us a brief overview of the sociological context that led to the emergence of social media. He will then specifically address the impact of this evolution on privacy and trust.
-BELTUG positions, initiatives and activities, Danielle Jacobs, General Manager BELTUG
  • BELTUG position on social security and taxes on smartphones and tablets/BYOD;
  • Towards a BELTUG index for mobile data ;
  • The BELTUG initiative on DDOS attacks, to bring offer and demand closer together;
  • The BIPT work plan for 2013;
  • INTUG/ECTA study on business communications services;
  • And more.
-The cyber security strategy of the Belgian Government, Pascal Pétry, Conseiller en sécurité - Cellule Stratégique du Premier ministre/Veilgheidsadviseur – Beleidscel van de Eerste Minister
Cyber security has become an important issue for both businesses and public services. Pascal Pétry will present the new cyber security strategy of the Government, which was approved 21 December.



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