Software asset management & BELTUG’s next steps on software license issues - Presentations from the SIG Procurement


A multifunctional steering board, long term C-level management support, proper use of the applicable frameworks, creation of a SAM department and creation of a sense of urgency are just a few of the requirements facilitating proactive Software Asset Management, as mentioned during the last Procurement SIG meeting. There are many challenges to tackle but there are also many valid reasons for introducing proper Software Asset Management processes in your organisation, such as cost control, increasing chances for software license audits and optimisation of business processes and infrastructure. The BELTUG members would also like to see fairer pricing on both license and maintenance/support contract levels. BELTUG will continue to explore the licensing related issues by focusing on topics such as the legal issues linked to software licensing, the different software licensing models and possible open-source software alternatives. BELTUG members can view the presentations from the X-change below (just log in).


         - Introduction, Johan Schoofs, BELTUG Project Manager

- Case 1 – Software Licensing and Software Asset Management in a Financial Services Corporation

- Case 2 – Software Licensing and SAM in a Major Energy Distribution Network Operator


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