Astrid indoor coverage: Workshop feedback and next steps


In the lively ASTRID Workshop, 21 October, the audience brought up a number of important issues and questions regarding indoor coverage for ASTRID, the Belgian TETRA emergency services network. Mark Janssens (NV ASTRID), Jean-Marie Delattre and Frédéric Kluyskens (AEG TranzCom), and Marc Looze (President of the ASTRID Safety Commission/Min. Binnenlandse Zaken) discussed technical, legal and contractual aspects of implementing indoor coverage for the ASTRID network. They also provided answers to the many questions and remarks put forward by the audience.

Among the most important conclusions so far is the recognition that the current legal framework needs to be fine-tuned in order to eliminiate the confusion that currently reigns. The audience also welcomed the lower prices charged by NV ASTRID for services rendered, in comparison to previous proposals.

AEG TranzCom clearly demonstrated the complexity of TETRA installations, and that it is very hard to define and use standard lay-outs and prices because of the many internal and external factors influencing radio wave transmissions. This complexity unfortunately also means it is very unlikely that the ASTRID indoor infrastructure will be shared to extend the mobile operators’ networks in-house.

BELTUG will communicate your concerns to the parties involved and will closely monitor the situation and keep you updated on new developments in this area.

Members can view the presentations from the workshop, and the BELTUG Paper on Indoor Coverage ASTRID Status Update October 2014.

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