X-change Service Portfolio Management at Eandis & Euroclear (30 January 2015) - Presentations


Developing your company’s IT service portfolio can no longer be handled ‘informally’: like every investment, it requires a business case, quantification, measurement and objective evaluation of different investment scenarios. Many of our members tell us this Service Portfolio Management is a real challenge.

BELTUG therefore organised an X-change to share tips, tricks and experiences from experts. This was combined with an interactive discussion of real-life challenges and solutions among the participants.

Luc Van Durme and Tania Verhasselt of Eandis gave clear insight into that company’s IT Service Portfolio Management. The presentation was followed by the case of Euroclear, presented by Dominique Fonck and Jonathan Mertens

The presentations discussed the 3 main components of Service Portfolio Management Product Lifecycle Management, Application Lifecycle Management and Service Lifecycle Management. The relationships between them were analysed and illustrated in depth. In addition, the criteria of Service Acceptance Management were highlighted, with a focus on the question: how does this relate to the main milestones of any project.

What came out of the discussions and presentations was the need to make sure that the ICT and business departments are speaking the same language, that they agree on the acceptance criteria and that they have the same timeline expectations.

The positioning of Service Management, Service Level Management and Service Delivery Management within the organisation was explored as well.  Having a clear service portfolio for measuring and reporting on IT Service Delivery with specifics on SLAs per entity will provide real value.  Finally, reporting and performance plus relationship management will provide guidelines for the service management and the escalation procedures.

The following companies registered to participate : Argenta Spaarbank, Bank Degroof Banque, Exmar Shipmanagement, Nexans Network Solutions, Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds, P&V Verzekeringen, Sita Waste Services, Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen, VRT

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