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Mobile security matters to BELTUG members: in our survey, you let us know that it is one of your highest priorities. While there are more and more mobile devices in use, apps are also increasingly using sensitive information.

How are other companies facing the challenges, and what do the experts say? 

Jan Ponnet, Systems Officer, BNP Paribas Fortis, explained that BYOD is growing in popularity among many organisations, as it offers numerous benefits. But it is also having a real impact on security. New challenges are appearing: unknown OS, new apps, increased mobile access to sensitive company information, etc. How can an organisation manage the security risks? Which tools are available, what can you do with policies and privacy? Is it better to make the devices secure, or focus on the content? And what about “BYOA – bring your own application”?

As usage of mobile devices evolves towards full mobile workspaces, important productivity improvement opportunities are offset by increases in the potential attack vectors and security risks.  

Frank De Reymaeker, Head of Enterprise Networking at Cisco, shared with us his expertise and views on how to address this complex reality in a secure solution approach. How can unmatched visibility on who and what is connecting plus a uniform security policy reduce attack vectors, increase advanced threat defence and help you prepare for the Internet of Things? We found out what roles integrating mobile device/application/data management and application security/secure application communication can play. Finally, he explored advanced malware protection to complete this architectural solution approach.

The following companies registered to participate : ADMB, Bank Degroof Banque, Barco, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport Company, Cisco Systems Belgium, De Watergroep, DP World Antwerp Holding, Easynet, Emerson Network Power, European Commission, Getronics Belgium, ING België, KBC Group, MobileIron, Neoditel, Nexans Network Solutions, Niko Group nv, Orange Business Services, P&V Verzekeringen, Proximus, Randstad Group, SecureLink, Stibbe, TVH Group

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