BELTUG X-change on Mobile Device Management with cases from TVH and Brussels Airport - Presentations


Mobile Device Management (MDM) has entered the “mainstream” for company targets, evolving into “Enterprise Mobility Management”, as IT organisations see the need to upgrade their infrastructure to improve employee mobility.

Two important companies have shared with us how they each built a multi-OS environment for company- and employee-owned devices. We found out how they achieved the right balance between user experience, operational excellence and security. 
The discussion touched only briefly on security issues, as the afeternoon session was dedicated to that topic.

If your employees need to collaborate, and you want to provide them with that ability anytime, anywhere, on any device - go check out the presentations ! 

Kalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovator Officer at TVH – Group, talked about the TVH case: Enterprise Mobility at THERMOTE & VANHALST.  The following points were explored in detail:

  • MDM, Mobile Device management: the fundamentals are crucial.
  • MAM & MCM Application and Content Management: let’s set expectations right!
  • IoT, the Internet of Things, as an extension of the 3 previous licences. Lessons from the floor.

Ulrik Van Schepdael from Mobco explained the Brussels Airport "ONE airport, ANY device, ONE policy".  How to offer email services that let employees use their own devices, as they want ?
Today, the Brussels Airport IT department maintains one email profile, one security policy and one app store for any mobile device. In addition to the clear operational benefits, this provides improved security and a great user experience.

The following companies registered to participate : ADMB, Barco, BASE, Besix, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport, BT, Camille Janssens, Carya Group, CHG-MERIDIAN, Cofely Quentris, Delaware Consulting, EASYNET, Effect, Emerson Network Power, European Commission, Getronics Belgium, Imas (group Van Genechten Packaging), Mobistar, Neoditel, Orange Business Services, P&V Verzekeringen, Proximus, SD Worx, Sibelga, Tam Tam Consulting, TVH Group, Unify, Varonis France SAS

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