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X-change on redesigning the WAN and the impact of the latest technologies

If you still believe a WAN is the solution to send a bit stream from A to B, this BELTUG X-change may have a major impact on your philosophy!

IT organisations see that they must upgrade their WAN infrastructure to improve application performance, for their customers and their employees. This means IT managers have to find ways to correlate or integrate the cloud into the WAN, while keeping up performance.

At this X-change, we brought you the experiences of both an operator and an integrator, who shared with us their results and successes in making the network more intelligent and bringing application awareness to the devices.  In their presentations, you will find a reminder of how they achieved the right balance between user experience and operational excellence while keeping in budget. 

Mark Lewis, VP Communications & Connectivity Services at Interoute, explained how Cloud Connect brings integrated IT into the WAN. He talked about  

  • how Virtual Data Centre brought MPLS networking into the cloud and now Cloud Connect brings cloud to MPLS networking
  • Integrated IT, both in the cloud, and at the edge

​Stéphane OznerNetwork Integration Architect at  Dimension Data, shared with us his views regarding the impact of the latest technologies on WAN redesign

  • How to deploy a next generation intelligent WAN
  • Flow-based routing and application routing
  • Lessons learnt: shifting to enhanced intelligence

The following companies registered to participate : AGC Glass Europe, Aveve, Barco, BELNET, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport Company, Carglass, De Watergroep, Dimension Data, Eandis, Federale Politie - Police Fédérale, FOD Financiën, Heel Belgium, Imas (group Van Genechten Packaging), ING België, Interoute, Johnson Controls International, Katoen Natie, KBC Group, Pidpa, Regie der Gebouwen, Sita Waste Services, Tessenderlo Group, Umicore

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