BELTUG Member Forum and New Year's Cocktail, featuring the President of the Privacy Commission, BELTUG reaction to BSA, updated Corporate Policy paper and more - Presentations


At each Member Forum, we aim to offer you something special, and this time was no different. We are very proud that Willem De Beuckelaere, President of the Privacy Commission, shared his views about the new Government's initiatives on privacy and the status of the EU privacy regulation.

We also presented the 5th update of the BELTUG Recommendations on Corporate Policy, exclusively available for our members. It brings together ICT, HR, legal, and other topics you need to build a corporate policy.

And there is much more: just see the report below.

Danielle Jacobs, General Manager BELTUG and Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager BELTUG gave us the BELTUG positions, initiatives and activities for 2015:

  • Software license issues – BELTUG’s reaction to and recommendations on the BSA letter asking companies to register on their website –Rules of Engagement
  • The new Government – BELTUG priorities – with feedback from our meetings with the Cabinet of Minister De Croo and Secretary of State Bart Tommelein
  • Regulatory issues at the European level – with feedback from our meetings with European Commissioner Günther Oettinger, ECTA, ETNO and GSMA
  • BELTUG and Proximus billing, Telenet De Grote Netwerf: feedback of recent consultation
  • BELTUG – BIPT: Guest WiFi – business market – mobile network performance – and more
  • Tax and social security impact of mobile devices: new decisions from the tax administration
  • Recommendations on IPv6
  • Preparing for a black-out
  • Some of our plans: the BELTUG VIP event on March 17 – a new market survey
  • and much more

Willem De Beuckelare, President of the Privacy Commission, allowed us a very high-level and insightful look into privacy issues - specifically for the business market!

  • Insight into privacy-related issues in a corporate context
  • Update on the Belgian vs international context and EU data regulation
  • Commentary on the suggestion from the new Secretary of State for companies to declare what they do with customer data.

Brigitte Lagrou, Project Manager BELTUG presented the latest version of the "Recommendations on Corporate Policy", the 5th update of our very appreciated paper which is available exclusively to BELTUG members.

Gregory Pankert, Partner at Arthur D. Little, gave us his take on the Belgian Telecom Landscape.  Arthur D. Little has released “A New Deal for the Telecom Sector in Belgium”, its first study on the Belgian telecom landscape, commissioned by the five major operators of the Belgian telecom market. It sheds some light on the role and contribution of the telecom sector to the Belgian economy and society, and unravels some of the major disruptions in the digital ecosystem. It also shows the critical role of the telecom operators in the digital value chain, and the effect of telecom network investments on the Belgian economy.

The study calls for a "Digital New Deal" on both a European and national level, based on a strategic long-term vision and the recovery of the European leadership in the digital economy. Click here to donwload the report and leaflet:  

The following companies registered to participate : Arcadiz Telecom, Arthur D.Little, Ascom, Avanade, AVAYA BELGIUM, Awingu N.V., Aztec Consult, Barc, Base Company, BELNET, BIPT-IBPT, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport Company, C.N. Rood, Carya Group, CD&V, CGI, Cisco Systems Belgium, Clarity Innovation, CoDeBuMa, Colt Technology Services, Cronos, Datanews, De Ceunynck, De Tijd, De Watergroep, DGMS, Digipolis, DP World Antwerp Holding, Easynet, Emerson Network Power, Ericsson, Eurofiber, Exact Software Belgium, Falconstone, FOD Financiën, G4S Secure Solutions, Getronics Belgium, Heel Belgium, Idewe, Imas (group Van Genechten Packaging), Infradata, ING België, Interoute Belgium, Johnson Controls International, Karel de Grote-Hogeschool, KU Leuven ICTS, LCL Belgium Data Centers, L'Echo, Linklaters LLP, Mercedes-Benz, My Force, Nauta Dutilh, Nextel, NGIS, Niko Group nv, Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds, Orange Business Services, P&V Verzekeringen, Pfizer Service Company, Portima, Privacy Commission, Proximus, Qiy Foundation, RealDolmen, Ricoh Belgium, SAIT Zenitel, Sita Waste Services, Stricht, Swift, Synergics, Syntigo, Tam Tam Consulting, Telenet, Thales Belgium, time.lex, Umicore, Unicon Solutions, Unify Communications, Unitt, Universiteit Gent, Van Havermaet Groenweghe, Vanheede Environment Group, VDO Consulting, WeePee Telecom

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