BELTUG X-change on Software licenses: rules of engagement for providers + what to do if you are audited



Based on our software license activities and the feedback we receive, it is clear this topic is keeping companies busy. We therefore organised a special BELTUG session on 05/03/2015 to see how to address these issues together.

On the international level, we called for supplier “Rules of Engagement”: a “wish list” of what companies expect from software providers. A draft of these expectations was sent to participants prior to the meeting, allowing us to discuss it together and complete it with your input.

In addition, BELTUG has received many reactions to our letter to the BSA. In the second part of the session, an explanation was given of what to do if you are audited for software licenses. We also kicked off our new initiative “Checklist: what to do in case of a software license audit”.

Erik Valgaeren, Lawyer – Partner, Stibbe Brussels gave us a presentation of the draft Rules of Engagement”

This was followed by an interactive discussion on how to further improve the text by including the elements that matter to you. 

Frederic Debusseré, Lawyer – Partner, time.lex IT&IP law firm and  Ing. Hendrik Van Steenkiste, Court-appointed expert for software audits and independent IT consultant explained what to do if you are audited for software licenses in "Software audits – be aware! What you need to know"

  • How to avoid a BSA visit? Prevention is better than cure

  • Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Your rights and obligations, plus practical tips in case of a BSA visit


This was a discussion meeting and no presentations will be put on our website.  Based on the input we received BELTUG will prepare 2 documents, that our members will be able to consult later :

  • Rules of engagement

  • Checklist: what to do in case of a software license audit

The following companies registered to participate : ADMB, Argenta Spaarbank, Aveve, Bank Degroof Banque, Banque nationale de Belgique, Barco, Besix, BNP Paribas Fortis, Europacollege, Fod Fin, Enigma & Partners, Imas (group Van Genechten Packaging), Ing. Hendrik Van Steenkiste, Ladbrokes – Derby, Nationale Bank van België, Nextel, Provincie Vlaams-Brabant, Proximus, Stibbe, time.lex, TVH Group, VITO, VRT.


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