Working with cloud: business realities plus SLAs, with Time.lex, Proximus, Cisco and Havenbedrijf Gent - Presentations


More and more companies are exploring the possibilities of the cloud for business.

But it is important to keep in mind that service level agreements (SLAs) are an essential part of the contractual framework, to define and measure the reality of the services provided and received.

At the same time: do you believe you can launch your core business applications into the cloud? Or maybe you remain convinced that these applications should never be transferred into undefined cloud territories.

In this in-depth X-change, we looked at these two separate aspects of the cloud: first, we explored cloud contracts and SLAs from the practical and legal points of view, giving you a sound foundation for tackling both. Then we looked at migrating to private, local or public clouds.

Hans Graux, Attorney-at-law at Time.lex introduced us to best practices for SLAs in cloud:   

  • Time.lex prepared a study for the European Commission on the barriers to cloud and presentedat the BELTUG x-change the challenges caused by the international aspects, as they relate to SLAs
  • Has Graux also gave us guidance lines for drafting solid SLAs

Are you familiar with Hybrid Cloud solutions ? Walter Scheepmans / Fabrice Feyten, Product Manager Cloud Solutions, Proximus explained DraaS - Disaster Recovery as a service:

  • How can Disaster Recovery As a Service bring peace of mind for your business?
  • Exchange of experience & insight: customer case 

Hans Van Ootegem, ICT Manager at Havenbedrijf Gent presented the case: Gent-Terneuzen via the cloud?  

  • An international project: same goals but facing different legislation “across the water”.
  • There is a strong need to cooperate, but with built-in exit strategies from the start.
  • Connection of data centres that avoid the public networks, but with access to the application via the cloud:an in-depth view from different angles

Thierry Boonen, Business Development Mgr Cloud, Cisco Systems talked about Intercloud: it’s all about the workload - not the technology 

  • Private clouds and data centres: from transformation to a unification path
  • Workload from core business migrates into private, local or public clouds
  • A call for control and automation layer:  the best of all worlds!

He was joined by Stéphane Münster, Business Development Manager Cloud Services, Dimension Data who gave us some practical examples:

  • The proof of the pudding is in the eating:  a reality check on specific cases
  • How to add value to business processes and practices by migrating to the cloud

The following companies registered to participate : AGC Glass Europe, Aveve, Awingu, Bekaert, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport Company, BT Global Services, Carglass, Cisco Systems Belgium, Cronos, Crossroad Consulting, Delaware Consulting, Destiny, Devoteam, Dimension Data, DNS Belgium, Effect, Emerson Network Power, EnergyICT, Enigma & Partners, Eurofiber, EY, Foreign Trade Association, Free2IT, Getronics Belgium, Havenbedrijf Gent, Huawei, ING België, Interoute, Johnson Controls International, LCL Belgium Data Centers, Mitel, Nextel, Nucleus, privacy intelligence c.v., Proact, Proximus, Routz, Securitas, Stricht, Sungard, Synergics, Telenet, Terumo Europe, time.lex, Umicore, V-ICT-OR, VMI Engineering & Contracting, Wit Gele Kruis van Oost-Vlaanderen, Ypto

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