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Cloud is an unavoidable reality, but there are still many practical aspects to clarify. How are companies across Europe handling the issues of data centres, cloud strategies and computing models? And how do companies in Belgium compare?

During this x-change we have also explored some very practical aspects of negotiating cloud contracts. We’ve looked at how these contracts differ from more traditional IT contracts and what kinds of clauses cloud suppliers are open to negotiating on.

Rutger ter HoevenSr. Manager Marketing at Interxion, elaborated on changing enterprise data centre & cloud strategies

He gave us the summary findings of a recent IDG Connect survey commissioned by Interxion providing insight into current and future data centre and cloud strategies and preferred computing models of medium- and large-sized enterprises, comparing Belgium findings with the European average. Some of the topics covered included:

  • Is enterprise cloud adoption becoming a reality in 2015?
  • Will the public, private or hybrid cloud adoption model prevail?
  • What percentage of workloads will move to the cloud vs. remaining in the data centre?
  • What will be the role of corporate data centres in the cloud era?
  • Will data centre outsourcing become more common?
  • How will on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructure be connected?


Afterwards, Peter Van Dyck, Senior Associate Allen & Overy LLP, let us benefit from some do’s and don’ts for negotiating cloud computing contracts. How and when are cloud computing vendors’ willing to deviate from their standard terms and conditions? What about negotiating on key clauses and how does this differ from the negotiation of the same clauses in a traditional IT contract?

As usual, there was also ample opportunity for Q&A, and for participants to share their experiences.

The following companies registered to participate : ADVA Optical Networking, Agfa Gevaert, Allen & Overy, Barry Callebaut, BNP Paribas Fortis, Cofely Quentris, Effect, Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Huawei, ICTroom, Interxion, LCL Belgium Data Centers, MIVB STIB, Nationale Bank van België, Nauta Dutilh, Nextel, Nucleus, Ondit, P&V Verzekeringen, Stricht, Thales Belgium, Unify Communications, USG People, VITO, VMI Engineering & Contracting

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