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Managing software license distribution and the legal risks is a real-life challenge for any organisation today. BELTUG members continue to have questions, and asked us to organise a session specifically addressing software asset management tools.

There are a lot of tools available - but what to choose? Deloitte has made an evaluation of more than 20 software audit tools, and shared with us the most important aspects and gave an overview of pros and cons of the most important tools.

Then we heared about managing software entitlements, from the real life experiences of the Nederlandse Politie.

The Contract Risk & Compliance team from Deloitte Audit Enterprise Risk Services reviewed for us more than 20 Software Asset Management tools. They provided a comprehensive introduction to Software Asset Management tools, starting with a description of the types of tools on the market today, the various service offerings  available, and the most common functionalities of SAM tools. Furthermore, they highlighted the benefits of specialised SAM tools for the organisation, and discussed the key factors to consider when selecting the right SAM tool for your organisation. Lastly, they took an in-depth look at some of the most common SAM tools on the market today.

Jeroen Slooten, Software Asset Beheerder, Politie Nederland, shared the real life experiences of the Nederlandse Politie regarding software asset management with the x-change participants.

The session closed with a interactive audience discussion.

The following companies registered to participate: Agfa Gevaert, Bank Degroof Banque, Barry Callebaut, BNP Paribas Fortis, Digipolis, Enigma & Partners, Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, ING België, Microsoft, Nationale Bank van België, Nauta Dutilh, Orange Business Services, P&V Verzekeringen, Politie Nederland, Smals, Softline Solutions, Sogeti Belgium, Syntigo, Tam Tam Consulting, TVH Group, Unisys, VRT, Wolters Kluwer Global Shared Services

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