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Telecom providers are keeping a close eye on the “outsiders”: Skype, WhatsApp, Hangout, Facebook, etc. are bypassing the traditional telco networks for some 14 billion euro per year. Skype alone accounts for 2 billion call minutes every day!

You may already be considering dumping “traditional” fixed and mobile operators. Or you may believe that fixed phones, converged solutions or telcos have a continuing role to play in your enterprise communications.

During this BELTUG X-change, we discussed the competitive impact of the new facts and figures. After several expert presentations on key issues, an interesting interactive panel discussion followed, including Proximus and Telenet.

Bart Verhaert, Global Head of UC Practice of Easynet Group, gave us the Easynet expertise from the field regarding the real future of voice:

  • Federation as the “new normal” or …
  • How Skype for Business is transforming the voice market.

Jack Hamande, Chairman of the Council at BIPT-IBPT, talked about the regulators’ perspective: Borderless voice, “To infinity and beyond”:

  • From service convergence to service experience
  • “Voice-ation” of platforms
  • True voice independence from networks?

The realities of communication were discussed by Bart Vanden Wyngaerd, Country Lead Collaboration Architecture at CISCO   

  • A “One size fits all” approach has failed the modern agile worker.
  • The enterprise side of a solution, or how to collaborate across your business.

Guido FranckTechnology Manager, NEXTEL & Ivo Postelmans, Portfolio Director, NEXTEL presented the challenges for the integrator: deliver knowledge & experience in (almost) all worlds

  • The networks: dedicated & guaranteed quality versus best efforts.  Good quality all the time versus most of the time?
  • Profiles:  initiating a call from a range of situations and conditions. Who needs what and for which purposes and destinations?
  • Is cost of calling in the driver’s seat at your company? Is ‘fair’ quality acceptable for your business (or parts of it)? Is GSM quality your standard, or your minimal quality expectancy?

During the last presentation Jan HickischVice President Global Solution Marketing, UNIFY explored the future of communications: from legacy voice to the new way to work

  • The new way to work and voice communications. Is there a match?
  • What can we expect as next steps in enterprise communications in a non-disruptive approach.
  • What does the future look like ?

The panel discussion focussed on "Where is the real competition?" and included parrticipants from BIPT, Easynet, Cisco, Nextel, Unify + Proximus and Telenet.

The following companies registered to participate : ADVA Optical Networking, AGC Glass Europe, Alcatel-Lucent Bell, Allnex, ALLOcloud, Aveve, Bank Degroof Banque, Barco, Base Company, BELNET, Besix, BIPT-IBPT, Borealis Polymers, Brussels Airport Company, BT Global Services, C.N. Rood, Carglass, Cegeka, Cisco, CoDeBuMa, Cofely Quentris, Damovo Belgium, Destiny, Devoteam, Dimension Data Belgium, EAST SA, Easynet, Effect, Europacollege, European Commission, Federale Politie - Police Fédérale, Fuzer, Getronics Belgium, ING België, Inia, Johnson Controls International, Katoen Natie, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Mitel, Mobistar, Nationaal Verbond van Socialistische Mutualiteiten, Neoditel, Nextel, Orange Business Services, Pfizer Service Company, Proximus, Randstad Group, Ricoh Belgium, Rosy Blue Services, Sita Waste Services, Stricht, Syntra Vlaanderen, Tam Tam Consulting, Telenet, Thales Belgium, T-REGS, Umicore, Unify Communications, Vanheede Environment Group, VDAB, Vlaamse Overheid

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