BELTUG Member Forum featuring multi-study market insights + Autumn Networking Cocktail


Our latest BELTUG Member Forum included market insights and perspectives from the digital technology user side, the academic side and the market pricing side.

First, Prof. dr. Steven De Haes of the Antwerp Management School presented the state and impact of enterprise governance of IT in organisations. He presented the key findings from an international study on the current state and impact of enterprise governance of IT in organisations. His presentation includes calls for action for the future, including the need for more business and board-level involvement in enterprise governance of IT.

Then, Danielle Jacobs, General Manager, and Alex VanzegbroekProject Manager; BELTUG elaborated on the Belgian ICT decision makers' priorities from the annual BELTUG survey, and explained the concrete actions BELTUG is taking for our members. They updated the participants on the status of BELTUG's latest discussions with the government and BIPT, plus our Code of Conduct for software vendors. 

245 companies and public institutions reported their ICT priorities in our 2015 survey! Find out what topics came out on top, how the priorities of companies and public services differ, what business users and ICT companies prioritise, and more.  Using this information BELTUG will develop an ambitious action plan for the coming year. In the meantime, we have been very busy on behalf of all our members. 

Then, Jack Hamande - President of BIPT explainded  how Belgium compares to other countries on business telecoms pricing.

Our dynamic panel debate looked into possible scenarios for the future of market competitivity and on how new factors might impact market competition.  Many changes are taking place in the communications market, including technology, increased internationalisation, market consolidation of telecoms providers, integration of UC and voice, etc. A panel of key players debated their visions on how the competitive dynamic will be affected by the evolutions.

Finally, our Autumn Networking Cocktail gave all participanst plenty of time to network with their peers and was followed by the BELTUG Visionair with Steve Masters, Vice President of Customer Innovation and Solution Design at BT.

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Check out a selection of pictures of this evening.


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