BELTUG Visionair Steve Masters, Vice President of Customer Innovation and Solution Design at BT


In today's world, organisations must innovate to look ahead. That's why our BELTUG Visionair of Tuesday 6 October 2015 focussed on innovation in the world of ICT.

Our exclusive Visionair events are a forum in which visionary speakers share their thoughts and offer you an extra source of inspiration. Steve Masters, Vice President of Customer Innovation and Solution Design at BT, did exactly that on Tuesday 6 October 2015.

Steve is responsible for driving innocation, thought leadership and R&D at BT. He also focusses on the solutions and designs of BT's largest contracts. Steve and his team have been instrumental in defining, writing and delivering the BT Unified Communications and Collaboration Strategy. As well as running the global BT team, Steve speaks at many customer and industry events, including the Gartner Symposium. Steve generally works out of Adastral Park in the UK, recognised as one of the leading centres of technical innovation in the communication world; a site that has the telco and computing power big enough to run Belgium!

During this Visionair, he gave us his views on how to stay at the forefront of the innovation curve. He talked about:

  • The challenges.
  • Best practices from open innovation with customers, partners, start-ups and universities.
  • The effects of IT consumerization and the opportunities in Shadow IT.
  • Integrating services in a world of clouds, and making it work for customers.

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