BELTUG X-change on License Issues of Cloud Contracts and Negotiating Microsoft Software Contracts, with case by Agfa


With negotiating software licenses high amongst our members’ priorities, we have organised a very special X-change with an expert from the UK: Mark Bartrick, Principal Consultant, Software Contract Negotiation of Forrester Research.

In an interactive format with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion, Mark first discussed “License Issues of Cloud Contracts” and explained the ins and outs of software issues relating to cloud contracts. Then in a second session, Mark shared his expertise on Microsoft contracts and how to negotiate to get the most from them. 

Paul Boons, Director Materials and Corp Center App, CIO Office - Security Officer of Agfa-Gevaert, also gave us the real-life case of Agfa-Gevaert and their negotiations with Microsoft for a software asset management contract.

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