Risks for data in public clouds & SLAs for cloud services: special joint BELTUG & V-ICT-OR information session with time.lex


On 27 October 2015 BELTUG and V-ICT-OR held a joint event on "Risks for data in public clouds & SLAs for cloud services, with time.lex", 

Law offices time.lex shared highlights and learnings from its study, commissioned by the Flemish Government, on the security and the reliability of cloud services for data coming from public institutions. To see detailed results of this study, click here :

Ruben Roex, lawyer at time.lex, expanded on the risks of putting data in the public (especially non-European) cloud:

  • Are there problems with compliance?
  • Do foreign governments have access to your data?
  • When should you be concerned about this?

In addition, he discussed the impact of the recent recommendation of the European Union High Court Advisor to suspend Safe Harbor.

Then, Edwin Jacobs, lawyer at time.lex, went on to explain how to check SLAs in cloud contracts for any kind of organisation, based on a study conducted by time.lex for the European Commission. He more specifically answered some of the following questions : How to check on SLAs: what is covered and what isn't? How to confirm if this is what you need?

Finally, Hans Graux, lawyer at time.lex, gave a Mini Master Class on cloud SLAs. This session was intended for organisations that write the cloud SLAs themselves or that are in a position to negotiate on them. The participants received a crash cours on :

  • Points of interest
  • Essential questions
  • What you need to negotiate


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