Security and Privacy for Mobile Devices and Apps


Mobile security and privacy are big priorities for our members. With so many new devices and apps, how can you reduce risks and control data privacy? This X-change on Friday 27 November 2015 took us through both issues, while giving you practical advice on how to enhance your ICT security.


Eddy Willems, Security Evangelist, G DATA told us about "Security threats on mobile devices with tips & tricks for enhancing ICT security for your company".  He took us on a thrill ride through (un)known mobile threats and challenges, with inspiring stories for your ICT security.

Edwin Jacobs and Hans Graux, both lawyer at time.lex gave us an insight into the subject of "Mobile apps and privacy".

Apps are so easy to add to devices, and once there, they often have access to data on the smartphone, such as agendas, contacts, locations and much more. In the corporate context, this can mean access to company contacts, company mail and a lot of potentially sensitive information.

But the apps rarely specify to you exactly what personal data they are using! Be aware of the privacy aspects when using mobile apps.

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