BELTUG X-change on BYOD and an update on mobile communications: tax and social security regulations


Our BELTUG survey revealed that our members have a lot of interest – and questions – about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

At this X-change, Bing Van Seghbroeck, Managed Services, ING Bank, explained how ING is handling the demand for BYOD. Their case story gave us the company's approach, including:

  • The BYOD policy
  • Co-operation with HR
  • Security issues
  • Keeping mobile data costs under control

At the same time, the tax and social security guidelines for mobile devices for work (laptop, smartphone and tablet) are still complex and unclear. These devices are rarely used for business alone, and companies struggle with benefit-in-kind when they allow private usage.

For some time, BELTUG has been requesting clarification and a regulatory/tax framework that will stimulate the adoption of mobile technology. Recent developments indicate that such a legal framework is under way. In this X-change, we gave you an update on the current guidelines, and on what is coming

Bjorn Poelman, Tax Manager, Deloitte, gave us his insights into mobile devices at work: tax and social security guidelines.  Our members found out the latest on the current tax and social security guidelines: what are your responsibilities, what are your options for benefit-in-kind, etc.

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