BELTUG Workshop with Allen & Overy: Preparing for the EU Data Protection Regulation


The EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should soon be finalised, and is expected to have a big impact on organisations. Companies will have two years to prepare their implementation.

BELTUG is working with law firm Allen & Overy to create a checklist for our members with practical, concrete steps.

To ensure that we add maximum value for our members and that the scope reflects the business needs, we organised a workshop. Limited participation encouraged a real in-depth discussion.

The feedback will be used to determine some common issues that we can take to the EU, the Privacy Commission and the Tommelein Cabinet, to get clear information for our members.

First, Danielle JacobsGeneral Manager of BELTUG, explained why BELTUG is carrying out this initiative and gave the key points of the GDPR.

Peter Van Dyck, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy, introduced the issues on the company side:

  • What questions do companies have regarding preparing for the GDPR?
  • What steps do organisations need to take?
  • How can organisations motivate and build awareness with their Board?

Finally, Jean-Pierre Bernaerts, CIO of Indaver, discussed the content and scope of the checklist.

These presentations served as the basis for a very interactive discussion between all participants, addressing issues in a pragmatic and realistic way. Open questions, arisen after reading the draft regulation, were also adresses by our key note speakers.

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