X-change on the upcoming roaming regulation, with mobile operators


The EC Roaming Regulation of 27 November will abolish roaming rates by June 2017, but the effects will be felt much sooner. The first step will take place in April 2016, and may impact organisations’ current contracts with mobile operators.

BELTUG put together an interactive discussion with representatives of the mobile operators, to give our members a platform for asking their questions directly.

In the introduction and overview of roaming regulation, Danielle Jacobs, Managing Director of BELTUG, adressed the following issues: 

  • What are the various steps of the regulation?
  • How should businesses prepare for the new situation ?
  • What questions do they have? (Based on feedback from BELTUG members)

This was followed by a round table with several mobile operators.

In this very interactive discussion, mobile operators explained from their side what they are doing to prepare for the changes that will impact their customers. Participants addressed their questions and concerns directly to the representatives from the different mobile operators.

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