X-change on Unified Communications - best & next practices, with AG Insurance


UC continues to gain ground in organisations, and to evolve in order to meet more and more needs. In this X-change, we looked not only at best practices, but next practices, and explored the role of integration with business applications. And to keep it ‘real’, we had a case study by AG Insurance.

First, Jeroen DaeseleireRegional Sales Manager of ThinkingPhones presented a day in the life with cloud communications: a look into the future.

  • What does cloud-based Unified Communications look like in a working day for employees?
  • How UC can enable your workforce to become more productive and to save costs?
  • What does a future-proof solution look like in the day of an employee, and how did ThinkingPhones achieve this at Neiman Marcus and AstraZeneca?

Next, Patrick Sergysels, Head of Infrastructure & Operations at AG Insurance, explained how AG Insurance has used UC to combine comfortable home-working with cost reductions:

  • Connecting colleagues and boosting home-working for over 1500 co-workers, with voice, chat and document sharing support
  • Ensuring QoS in voice for the offices of AG Insurance, AG Real Estate, and AG Holding
  • Reducing shared office space and phone costs
  • Possibliity to connect to external parties of partners

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