Member Forum + New Year's Cocktail


During our first BELTUG Member Forum of 2016, we offered you a very diverse program. The participants found out about BELTUG's latest lobbying efforts, our initiatives in software licensing, GDPR, our new strategy, and how we and our members can  work together on key issues. Plus, we gave you a real-life case study from a family-owned but very international company.

Afterwards, our New Year's Cocktail gave you the opportunity to socialise and network informally with your peers. It's always a very popular event!

We started the Member Forum with the Lhoist case study: A new collaboration platform on an international scale. 

Family-owned Lhoist combines a traditional industrial culture with a dynamic and entrepreneurial approach - and 90 subsidiaries in 25 countries worldwide!

Philippe Romboux, Global IT - Infrastructure & Operations Manager at Lhoist explained how this truly international company set up and rolled out a collaboration platform, to enable its people to work together on an international level. What did they learn from the process, and what’s next?

This case study was followed by Danielle Jacobs, General Manager, and Alex VanzegbroekProject Manager; BELTUG who gave the participants the BELTUG positions and initiatives

We’ve been hard at work, and had lots to share with you, including:

  • Our new strategy: what it means for us and for you
  • The new roaming regulations: the next step is 1 May - what can you expect from your mobile operator?
  • A status update on the initiative for mandatory electronic billing to the Government
  • A status update on the BELTUG/INTUG Proposal for a Code of Conduct for software suppliers - who is supporting it, where are we?
  • And much more

The next subject, "Drones in Belgium – what are the regulations?", was brought by Yves Schellekens, Business Group LeaderAgoria ICT

The promising  young drone industry, its stakeholders and its diverse users, have been  waiting for more than three years for much needed, specific  new legislation.  How close are we to its finalisation and publication, and what can we expect?

Peter Van Dyck, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy LLP & DJ and Danielle Jacobs, General Manager, BELTUG expanded on "The General Data Protection Regulation: BELTUG takes action".

The EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is expected to have a big impact on organisations, which have only 2 years to prepare. Our workshop on GDPR brought together 40 interested and motivated members, who gave us a lot of valuable input on ways to co-operate on this area. We are also working with law firm Allen & Overy to create a checklist for our members with practical, concrete steps.  The participants got an overview of what we plan and our next steps.

Finally, Alessandro Gropelli, Head of Communications & Media at ETNO gave their Economic report on the European telecoms sector. 

ETNO, which represents Europe’s leading telecom operators, has released its Annual Economic Report (by IDATE) describing the state of the European telecoms sector, with results from 2014 and forecasts for 2015 and beyond.

What’s in the report? Here’s a taste:

  • A decline in the deceleration of providers’ revenues
  • 4G will surpass fixed broadband in 2016
  • ETNO members out-invested their EU peers, but the global investment gap remains
  • Machine-to-machine, cloud and new services are on a growth path

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