BELTUG X-change on the financial aspects of cloud and hyperconvergence, with De Lijn and Attentia


At this very special X-change, we examined the financial aspects of cloud. EBITDA-driven companies will have very different perspectives than cost-driven companies.

Werner Jacobs of De Lijn combines the responsibilities of CIO and CFO, resulting in a unique vision on the financial issues of cloud, which he shared with us. Then Jochen Maertens, CIO of Attentia, offered the real-life case of his company’s experience with hyperconvergence.

Werner Jacobs, CIO/CFO, De Lijn, kicked off the x-change with “Let me buy the cloud”: financial concerns about the existing cloud model.

He initiated an interactive discussion with the participants on possible new business models for cloud, including:

  • Why cloud is so interesting for companies with smaller IT departments
  • Why the existing model is not interesting for De Lijn: CAPEX vs OPEX
  • When finance drives the IT strategy…

Then, Jochen MaertensCIO of Attentia, shared with us the Attentia case and their real experiences with hyperconvergence of servers, network and storage in order to insure the cost effectiveness of network upgrades, including:

  • When storage becomes a bottleneck and budgets decrease…
  • How does Attentia deal with with the transformation towards hyperconvergence
  • A hybrid environment with public cloud
  • Turnaround time for migrations and updates: from months to weeks and from weeks to days!

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