X-change on best practices for Software Asset Management


Software licenses and Software Asset Management are fast-evolving expert domains, requiring substantial financial investments from your company.  

On March 10 we brought together speakers offering best practices from three different perspectives:

  • technical and ICT management
  • insight from a specialised procurement contribution
  • legal aspects of the resale of software licenses

This was a users-only session, to allow IT managers and company buyers an opportunity to speak openly about concerns and best practices. 

After the introduction and an overview of participants' expectations around the table, Marc Claes, Division Manager Business Processes of the Colruyt Group presented the Colruyt case. He talked about Software License Management in IT risk and opportunity management.

  • License management in a heterogeneous environment requires specialists (mainframes, a strong virtualised park of windows and linux servers and converged infrastructure)
  • Processes and systems supporting license management
  • Audits: lessons learned

The first Q&A was followed by the KBC insight view on Software License Management and procurement: keys for a good vendor relationship, brought to us by  Hedwig Verlinden, Global Procurement Officer at KBC.

  • How KBC organised the change-over to a very strict inventorying of all user licenses
  • Overview of the (dis)advantages of the various license models
  • The advantages of partnership (instead of vendor lock-in) and detailed internal accounting
  • Watch-outs such as changes by the supplier, smaller vendors and extra features...

After the coffee break,  Tom De Cordier, Partner at CMS  & Alexis Hallemans, Associate Partner at CMS followed with an exposé on the Belgian court's view on reselling software licenses - What you need to know.


Recently the Court of Appeal of Antwerp confirmed that the granting of a software license for an unlimited period in time constitutes a sale of the software and that, therefore, the normal rules for contracts of sale (including the rules about hidden defects) apply to such software licenses.

They also discussed the practical consequences for your license management and what are the do’s and don’ts when negotiating license contracts with software vendors?

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