Special event: two BELTUG X-changes: 1) Identity & Access Management & 2) Preparing for the data protection regulation (GDPR)


We have put together a special session on two distinct issues: IAM (Identity & Access Management) and the GDPR (general data protection regulation).  While the topics are quite different, they will often be of interest to the same people.

Session 1: Identity & Access Management (IAM)

More and more, IAM is becoming an important priority for organisations. While information management is or should be a key factor in every company, managing the access rights, authentication and privileges of the different employees and external parties remains a challenge.

Carlo Werbrouck, IT architect at P&V Verzekeringen presented the questions and challenges on IAM for companies.  This introduction to the first session covered the point of view of business users, and gave the participants opportunity to share expectations for the X-change around the table.

The next presentation, given by Wim De SmetCTO of SecureLink, touched on the challenges of Identity & Access Management for cloud applications.

We heared about:

  • Different types of solutions 
  • Pitfalls  
  • Best practices  (English)

Session 2: How to prepare for the GDPR

The EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should soon be finalised, and is expected to have a big impact on organisations. Companies will have two years to prepare their implementation.

BELTUG has been working with law firm Allen & Overy to create a checklist on "How to prepare for the GDPR". Peter Van Dyck, Senior Associate at Allen & Overy presented this draft checklist for our members and gave us very useful and practical concrete steps.

Isabelle GhislainLegal Counsel & Lore Mattelaer, Security Business Development Manager at Telenet gave us the details on the Telenet GDPR & Security:

  • Telenet’s timeline for preparing for the GDPR + interpretations about the regulation
  • Telenet Business: How to translate the regulation into a pragmatic approach? Prevention versus incident response. Protecting the data and/or the network?

Finally, Danielle Jacobs, General Manager of BELTUG explained the work in progress on the BELTUG recommendations.  The GDPR is open to a lot of interpretation and uncertainty. BELTUG wants to work with members to find answers to the shared questions of companies, especially regarding preparing for the IT implementation.

She discussed the questions already received from our members about the GDPR and gathered additional ones from the participants. Our aim is to bring companies' concerns to the right levels and organisations, such as the Privacy Commission, so we can get the right answers.

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