BELTUG X-change: Best practices in selecting UC solutions: ‘One Number’ - fixed-mobile integration - voice in the cloud


Unified Comunications (UC) has gone mainstream, but  how to select the solution that offers the most appropriate fit? At this X-change, we brought together speakers who presented best practices from three perspectives:

  • People-oriented: the biggest challenge isn't the technology but changing users’ attitudes
  • The PBX-agnostic integration of all devices
  • The cloud + multi-tenant approach for fixed + mobile. 

After the introdcution and an overview of participants' expectations around the table, Peter Baeten, DRM Belux at UNIFY talked about how to empower your "anywhere workers" for the NWoW

  • A vision of UC in 2016
  • Practical results from three recent reference cases

A first Q&A session was followed by "Building on the experience of 10,000 customers", by Joris Van Rymenant, Chief Operating Officer at Nextel.

  • Fixed & mobile convergence:  the substitute
  • Simplicity for the user: DiY as a baseline
  • Operator-level telephone switch to master mobile integration
  • Disruptive model for business users: multi-tenant, etc.

After the coffee break, Gilles Verschueren, Director of Fuzer expanded on "Unification without infrastructure".  How can unification, DECT replacement and a lack of infrastructure become a solution ?

  • No data network or plug-in means integration without an app!
  • Integration of all devices, regardless of brand or architecture

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