BELTUG X-change: Business Continuity in the Cloud - Presentations - 10.05.2016


"Business Continuity in the Cloud"

“It can’t happen to us”? Not so fast! Experience has shown that disasters of many types can strike any place and any organisation: even yours. And if your infrastructure goes down, so does your business.

Every business needs a reliable business continuity strategy, and the cloud has brought a whole new and interesting extra perspective.  So how do you set everything up to get maximum value for your budget?

After the introduction and participants' expectations around the table by Alex Vanzegbroek, Project Manager BELTUG; Thierry Boonen, Cloud Enabler at Cisco explained how to do business without disruption - powered by the cloud:

  • Taxonomy of the solution(s)
  • Value proposition & business outcomes
  • Solution framework.
  • What to look for when choosing your provider

Thierry Jardinet, General Manager at Sungard Availability Services talked about "Today’s world never sleeps":

  • IT operations:  trends and issues
  • R2C, Recovery to Cloud: a solid architecture
  • Failover testing + … at time of real disaster

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