BELTUG X-change: discussion on OpenStack for creating public & private clouds, 12 April 2016


Open your eyes about OpenStack – which may turn out to be the technology platform that will form the basis of every open cloud environment.

Founded about 5 years ago by NASA, amongst others, the platform is now managed by the OpenStack Foundation. This not-for-profit aims to ensure platform neutrality and promote the building of an ecosystem around OpenStack.

On the day of the BELTUG x-change, Krzysztof Celmer, Senior IT Solutions Expert Huawei, introduced the topic:

OpenStack is:

  • Open3: it’s designed to be an open architecture, using open standards to integrate each component and layer, and it's open source
  • Supported by many leading technology companies, including Intel, IBM, HP, Huawei, etc.
  • Used by more and more organisations – such as nuclear energy research organisation CERN.

Afterwards, there was an interactive discussion about the advantages, pitfalls, issues and opportunities.

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