BELTUG X-change: the future of the IoT and M2M, with a real life case by TVH - 19.05.2016


The Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine communication (M2M) … the digital world is buzzing! But there are a lot of questions, too: on latency, performance, etc.

In this X-change, we took a look at IoT and M2M, with a real-life business case, the possibilities and opportunities in the market, potential pitfalls to avoid and a vision for the future.

During this popular event – IoT is a topic that will for sure influence our world in the coming years – 3 providers started the afternoon:

Dirk Indigne,CEO at Engie M2M kicked off with a presentation on Sigfox, a ‘low speed, long distance’ network.  He was followed by Gert Pauwels from Mobistar Orange Belgium, choosing for narrow-band IoT and Katia Deboel from Proximus, part of the LoRa alliance.. Each explained how their technology works and what the opportunities are for your business. 

Participants in the room were very interested and intrigued by the numerous possibilities, but they also had critical, spicy questions for our speakers.


After that, Kalman Tiboldi - Chief Business Innovation Oficer at TVH Group - took us on a journey how loT transformed TVH Group from a reactive to a proactive company.


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