Insights and inspiration from the Tour de France and the Prime Ministerís Chancellery, plus ICT Decision Maker priorities, at the BELTUG Member Forum (with Presentations)


Our Member Forum of September 2016 provided plenty to think about, with stories of digital technology being put to use in real life. The following presentations are now available to our members (after log-in):


BELTUG's presentation (including results of our Priorities Survey)

The Presentation by the Prime Minister's Chancellery


A.S.O, which organises major international sporting events including the Tour de France and the Dakar Rally, explained how it re-invented the century-old Tour de France as a new 'fan experience'.  Technology has enabled a transformation in how race data is analysed and delivered to social and conventional media, fans and cycling experts.  Analytics have now enhanced and revolutionised this event digitally, and our speakers (Olivier Furon and Matthieu Augereau from A.S.O.) expressed the ambition to build on this digital solution to make the event the main focus point for all cycling fans.


Then we moved to the Prime Minister's Chancellery, for a story about adopting unified communications, with inspiration and innovation driven by challenging budgets and time constraints.  Nicolas Locoge and Sébastien Forthomme revealed a major lesson from the project: change management and communication are vital, especially to ensure that employees adopt the new technology.


Finally, we were pleased to present the results of the BELTUG Priorities Survey 2016, along with our working plan. You can have a look at the issues and topics we will tackle; we will use it to organise our events and x-change sessions through June 2017, build pragmatic cases that reflect real-life experiences, and write constructive papers on the issues that are important to our members. The results can be found on slides 19-36 of the BELTUG presentation, or in the slides here.





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