EVUA Conference in Brussels - June 2006 - with BELTUG presentation - Conclusions by OVUM


The EVUA Brussels conference aimed to explore the influence of new network technologies and services of ICT. The central question focused on how the multinational enterprise can cost-effectively achieve infrastructure convergence and apply IP services to best effect. The key themes that were highlighted at the conference were as follows:
·  The role of the ICT provider. To address the ICT opportunity, service providers are adding IT and integration services to their portfolios. The relative merits associated with this evolution were discussed at length.
·  The value of ICT to the enterprise. There was a divergence of perspectives between service providers and enterprises as to the value of ICT. Network providers generally described the benefits of ICT as improved employee productivity through enhanced communications, whilst for many members the focus was on cost management.
·  ICT management. Several members outlined how they have already, or are considering, consolidating their networks to a single IP platform and running a new range of services over a more centralised architecture. This often requires that they also re-organise the management of their operation and change their supplier relationships.
·  Next-generation networks and the future potential of the network to the enterprise. The conference looked at the role of the network and its future potential in the enterprise, which touched on providers’ next-generation network strategies and service-orientated architecture (SOA).
·  Mobile roaming charges. Mobile roaming charges generated heated debate and were roundly attacked by members. It seems that patience is wearing thin among Europe’s largest enterprises.


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