Winter warmth and hot topics: Takeaways from the Beltug Winter Bar


Hot topics and warm socialisation: Winter Bar provided plenty of both! It was the perfect mix of an enjoyable location, inspiring speakers and plenty of time to network! Presentations from the event are available exclusively for Beltug members (after login):



Pieterjan Van Leemputten, Technology journalist for Data News brought us insight into Web Giants and the disruption they bring. Then Prof. Dr. Jan Vanthienen, Professor of information management from KU Leuven, took us through Decision Modelling , and the many decisions to be made. To wrap-up, Danielle Jacobs gave an update on Beltug's latest lobbying efforts, as well as our on-topic initiatives in GDPR, indoor coverage, software asset management, and much more!


Afterwards, we had a great time networking, while keeping warm at Salons Waerboom.



In addition to the photos on this page, you can find plenty more on our Facebook page (You don't need a Facebook account to see the photos).




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