New benefits-in-kind rules - Takeaways from the Beltug X-change, 16 Jan 2018


The new Royal Decree on benefits-in-kind came into effect on 1 January 2018, and will impact every company and organisation. The improvements to, and alignment of, fiscal and parafiscal regimes, will make company-provided smartphones, laptops, etc. more interesting for employees. This creates some interesting security and device management opportunities!


On 16 January, speakers from VIVES University College and Deloitte joined us to discuss benefits-in-kind.


Jos Panen, Head of IT, explained that at VIVES, the laptop is the number 1 working tool for staff. BYOD became the norm because the fiscal rules made devices provided by the university unattractive. But only ‘Best Effort’ IT support is provided for the BYOD choice. What’s more, BYOD is more complicated for IT staff to manage: they can’t enforce encryption, can’t perform remote wipes, can’t control software, and more…


The new fiscal rules should have a big impact, for the university and its staff. Previously, the benefit-in-kind for devices was € 180/year; under the new rules, this drops to only € 72/year.


The new legislation provides a good opportunity for VIVES to re-do its device management exercise, in order to increase the number of devices owned, provided and thus controlled by the university.


Bjorn Poelman and Joke De Bruycker of Deloitte then gave an overview of the new legislation. The new rules were necessary because prices for devices have dropped drastically. The speakers compared the old and new legislation, and discussed the impact of various ownership scenarios.


The key changes in the legislation? The benefit-in-kind prices are lower, and employees pay only one benefit-in-kind for multiple internet connections (e.g. fixed and mobile). The overview of the changes is in the Deloitte presentation.


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