The Darwinism of trust - Taking advantage of today’s opportunities, while minimising the risks? Takeaways from the X-change of 18 September 2018


Digital comfort, speed and connectivity have changed our world. But with this evolution, the need for services we can truly trust and count on is ever-louder.  How do we validate essential transactions?  How can company leaders keep strategic information accessible, yet confidential? How can we take advantage of the opportunities, while minimising the risks?

During this session, we had a look into some of the possibilities, then we learned how Barco delivers trust services to its business partners.

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Digitisation for governance body security

After a short introduction on Oodrive by Christophe Ophoff, Managing director Belux, and Bernard Lefebvre, Presales Engineer at Oodrive, we learned about the digitisation of a company's Board.  This is of course important for all kinds of organisations, whether small or larger. Many Board members still prefer to use paper for notes or appointments.  Putting together the corporate board book (with the documents that record Board decisions) takes three days on average, and is a source of frustrations and errors.  Finally, many Board members admit to having lost confidential documents in the past.


Different types of documents can be involved in a Board meeting; Christophe and Bernard focussed their discussion mainly on strategic and confidential documents.  (Have a look at the pyramid on slide 8 for more detail.)


Their advice when looking for a solution:

  • make sure it is easy and intuitive to use
  • make sure it has a very high security level
  • have your data protected by European law, with your data hosted in Europe
  • make the network independent from the company network.

Managing Board meetings can be divided into three stages: before, during and after the meeting.  Every stage needs tools to cover its functionalities. This video can give you a concrete idea of how the Oodrive tool works.


Bernard and Christophe wrapped up with the benefits of a confidentiality tool and with the 'Darwinism of Boards':

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Compliance and traceability
  • Environment

Slides 13 & 14 provide more detail.


Barco’s journey to selecting a platform for delivering trust services to its partners

Next, we dove into the world of Barco with Xavier Bourgois, the company's CIO and Senior Vice President IT. He zoomed in on the framework that Barco built to communicate with business partners, describing four key layers:

  • Engage
  • Manage
  • Connect
  • Device integration

To set up this platform, Barco looked at the landscape, and assessed the major players and their fit with this specific domain. When then choosing the platform, different arguments were taken into account: Functionality, Devops, Procurement, Security, architectural fit, etc. To make the final decision, the technical end needed to be evaluated as well: device management, data management, alerts, upgrades, etc., plus other elements such as device agents, cost, data geo-fencing, and many others.  In the end, Barco chose to work with Microsoft for their framework.


To conclude, Xavier pointed out that Barco has thoroughly prepared for the future with this platform.  One word of advice he shared with the members: make sure to have people on board who know how patching and the development work - don't do it yourself.  Otherwise you risk ending up with a platform that is not well documented or sustainable, and you will be outpaced by external parties.


And don't forget: create trust with your customers (such as with ISO27001 certification).



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