Food for thought in an enjoyable Indian Summer: Takeaways from the Beltug Summer Bar. 24 Sept 2018


The sun was shining and our members’ conversations were sparkling - just as we planned for our Beltug Summer Bar.  The 150 people who registered enjoyed a perfect mix of a pleasant location, stimulating speakers and plenty of time to network! Presentations from the event are available exclusively for Beltug members (after login):

Summer Bar 1c



Koen Vingerhoets, Project Coordinator Blockchain & Digital Transformation at Belfius Bank & Verzekeringen, shared his views on Blockchain. He weighed in on whether blockchain is more for the IT department or the business side, and discussed private and public ledgers.


Next, Peter Vanbellingen, Director Business Processes & Systems and Director Customer Communication & Experiences at Colruyt, talked about today's trends, the shifts in the customer experience and how innovation at Colruyt responds to these challenges. You can read his exposé on LinkedIn.


Summer Bar 2b

Afterwards, we had a great time networking at the Business Faculty.


In addition to the photos on this page, you can find plenty more on our Facebook page (You don't need a Facebook account to see the photos).



Summer Bar 3a


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