IoT opportunities - It's all about the data. Takeaways from the X-change of 5 February 2019


Internet of Things (IoT) technology continues to mature, offering seemingly infinite opportunities for businesses and organisations.  IoT promises to unlock added value in data collection, efficiency, safety, customer experience and business growth.


In presentations and from real-life user stories, we heard about where the opportunities lie, and how to make the most of the technology.


The presentations from the event are available for Beltug members (after log-in):



How optimal IoT data exploitation creates value for your organisation


Jeroen Machielsen, Value Proposition Manager B2B at Orange, started the session by wondering what exactly is the added value of IoT for an organisation.  Answering his own question, he said: It's all about the data.


But only 1% of the collected data is used effectively: it's hard to manage all of the information gathered and to generate optimal learning cycles.


Jeroen then described the real-life case of Harley Davidson. The company’s IT was not aligned with production, labour was too expensive, and data was incompatible and unusable.  To counter these issues, Harley Davidson turned to:


  • a single network
  • consolidated data
  • one factory fully enabled with IoT


Jeroen shared the results of this decision (see on slide 6).


After streamlining the data, the second step for an organisation can be predictive analytics.  To illustrate, Jeroen showed us how Transics achieved cost savings (see slide 8).


The third step of this process is advanced analytics.  The more data you put in this model, the more optimal your analysis becomes, potentially enabling:


  • higher efficiency & productivity
  • better customer service
  • quality
  • cost reduction and higher income generation


To wrap up, Jeroen recommended the book 'Building the Internet of Things' by Maciej Kranz as an excellent guide for an organisation to dive into the world of IoT.


Case: Art monitoring with SmartCare IPARC


Our second speaker, Leen Gysen, Managing Director at IPARC, brought the company’s real-life case to the table.  IPARC conserves and restores art pieces, both in public possession and in private hands. 


A few years ago, IPARC added 'damage prevention' to its service portfolio. Pests, pollution, light, high humidity and more can damage art.  IPARC’s Smartcare monitoring service uses sensors to monitor all kinds of art works.  Collecting the data is not that hard, Leen explained.  But the data need to be correctly analysed, based on the materials in the art collection, to enable damage prevention (see slides 11 and 12).


Insurance companies also benefit from environmental monitoring - it helps them to advise their clients on how to preserve their art in optimal conditions.  IPARC chose a Proximus LoRa solution with Proximus to roll out the project, in order to be independent from a wi-fi network.


IPARC shared 6 key learnings and takeaways from this experience:


  • IoT is an innovative option for multiple sectors
  • Credibility and market penetration with IPARC shorten sales cycle
  • Time to market decreases thanks to focus on core competences
  • Scalability increases
  • Marketing reach is expaned through joint branding…
  • … and through working with a large, corporate yet flexible partner


More information about this case, you find on the Proximus website in Dutch, English and French.  Or watch the video in Dutch and French.







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