Beltug challenges Telenet: Takeaways from the users-only session of 07 May 2019


Telenet is a mature supplier in today’s ICT market.  In our recently published market study, we saw Telenet’s position growing in the business market.  In addition, Telenet has recently acquired ICT integrator NeXtel.


With expectations high in the corporate market, we had good reason to invite Telenet to the table for a discussion – and a chance to challenge them. We kept the Users-Only event small, to ensure plenty of opportunity for interaction. Presentations are available to Beltug members (after log-in):


Beltug challenges Telenet


Bert Ceuppens, Vice President Enterprise Sales at Telenet & Chief Commercial Officer at Nextel, opened the session by providing insight on the merger between Telenet and NeXtel – the origins of which are reflected in the earlier Beltug market study of 2017.  In that study, 72% of the larger companies in Belgium stated that they would prefer a single provider for fixed and mobile voice, while 63% indicated that they want a single provider for connectivity and IT services.


Bert also observed that the market is converging towards end-to-end solutions, with examples like Unified Communications, One Number, and the replacement of classic PBX. (Slide 3 gives an overview of the objectives of the new organisation growing from the NeXtel / Telenet merger.)


After this introduction, we went over the participants' questions together with Telenet and interactively discussed the experiences and concerns of the companies in the room. We spoke about the integration between Telenet and NeXtel - and the potential consequences for customers - 5G, IoT and Security. The discussions were very lively and open.






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