The Belgian 5G Innovation Challenge - let's invent the future! Presentations from the event of 10 March 2020.


Organisations are beginning to get the picture: 5G will be an innovative game changer.  And this means so much more than just a new telecom network technology: there will be a whole new range of opportunities, many that we cannot even imagine. Yet these opportunities will be key for all companies and organisations.


But a world that doesn’t exist is difficult to grasp, and even more difficult to plan for. Many companies are struggling to identify the tangible benefits 5G can bring to their business. They face a need for collaborative, out-of-the-box thinking.


To set the inspiration process in motion, Beltug organised the Belgian 5G Innovation Challenge. The enthusiastic and probing discussions sparked many ideas and insights, which Beltug will compile for our members.


In the meantime, the presentations from the event are available (after log in):





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