BELTUG Member Forum - 19 June 2007 - Presentations


Here you find the presentations of the BELTUG Member Forum of 19 June 2007.

3:30 PM Business Case - IP telephony at Groupe Multimedia IPM

Reynald Lemaire, Directeur Informatique, Groupe Multimédia IPM (La Libre Belgique, La Dernière Heure,...) (

4:10 - 5:30 PM Feedback BELTUG activities 

The new Royal decree on numbering - The roaming decision of the EU - the BELTUG Fixed-to-mobile barometer  -....
Danielle Jacobs, Directeur BELTUG

Executive summary of the BELTUG Focus Meetings on Wireless and Mobile communications - Next-generation-networks - Mobile working - fixed-mobile convergence.
Frank Boermeester, BELTUG/The Fifth Conference


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