BELTUG Member Forum - 25 September 2007 - Presentations



4:00 PM Since September 1st Belgium has a new regulation for numbering (130 pages)
- Which are the main changes that effect companies?
- Can I have numbers for fixed-mobile converged services?
- And will there be company numbers?
- Our employees can work from home, using VoIP. What are the responsibilities from the company in case of an emergency?

Jan Vannieuwenhuyse, BIPT-IBPT (Nederlands)

4:30 PM The changing role of communication technology & services within companies
Results of the BELTUG survey 2007: more than 170 companies gave their input.
- Which topics are the most important ones for the business users of communications technology and services?
- The importance of policies, service management, technology and strategic matters
- Where are the differences between the priorities of the business users and the ICT companies
- Who's is involved with communications technology within the companies?
- Which magazines are read?
- The BELTUG action plan

5:10 PM BELTUG Position towards the new Government

5:20 PM Presentation of the BELTUG Fixed-to-mobile barometer

5:40 PM Feedback Beltug activities: 
- BELTUG paper "How to choose a communications service provider"
- Implementation of the EU roaming guidelines in Belgium
- BELTUG paper "Terminology communications technology"
- ....

Danielle Jacobs, Directeur BELTUG and project leaders Alex Vanzegbroek and Philippe Awouters (English)


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