BELTUG X-change Maturity of VoIP - 15 January 2008 - Report & Presentations


The BELTUG Report “Maturity of VoIP” (10 pages) is available. This report is the result of a fully-booked BELTUG X-change on January 15th, in which twenty Full Members (Users) participated to discover "what can be achieved today, what not and what will be achievable". This report offers a brief synopsis of the discussions at the meeting. Telenet, Belgacom, Siemens, Nextel, Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent were asked to make a tailor-made presentation, to cover our main concerns and the topics specified below.

The presentations of all speakers are at your disposal:

-        Nextel's presentation on “the picture on Mobility, VoWLAN”
-        Siemens' presentation on “hybride solutions versus full IP?”
-        Alcatel-Lucent's presentation on the possibilities of identity management & presence – the management issues for directory services”
-        Telenet's, presentation on a status of SIP-compatibility: which domains require most concerns and how to address the problems?”
-        Belgacom's presentation on “blocking Numbering issues”
-        Cisco's presentation on “The watch-outs for multinationals



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