BELTUG Member Forum 21 January 2008 - Presentations


Member Forum on Monday 21 January 2008 at Salons De Romree, Grimbergen.

  • Learn how to combine a long term contract with innovation, pricing or technology refreshment
  • Get insights in how others motivate service providers to supply them with the best technology and pricing and this during the complete contract duration.


  • Feedback on BELTUG activities
    Danielle Jacobs, Directeur BELTUG and Frank Boermeester, Project leader

  • How to incorporate new technology and changing pricing schemes in long term contracts?
    -Paul De Cooman, Managing Director BELTUG and Service Delivery Owner at KBC Global Services
    -Dominque Kindt, Director at Deloitte
    -Wim Pollet, Senior IT-advisor, ICT-Legal Counsel at Deloitte
    -Rudi Marien, Service Level Management Process Manager at KBC Global Services and Member of the Management Committee at itSMF
               "How ITIL V3 could benefit in contracts"

 Followed by a drink and toast to the New year.


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