X-change on Corporate Policy on GSM, e-mail and Internet - 28 February 2008 - Presentations


X-change on Corporate Policy on GSM, e-mail and Internet

  • Many companies wish to benchmark their own corporate employee communication policies with those of others.
    - Discover the latest possibilities for splitting private and business costs for broadband and mobile communications.
    - Find out how to avoid penalties or tax problems.
    - Evaluate the pros and cons of centralized invoicing (the company pays for at-home broadband connections) versus expense-type reimbursement.
    - Anticipate new issues such as location-based services/tracking & tracing.
    - Learn how others educate or inform their employees (e.g. on the use of mobile Internet).
    - Share experiences on how to introduce unified communications in an efficient way, etc.

  • Agenda
    - Introduction BELTUG by Danielle Jacobs 
    - A communication policy and unified communication solutions supporting efficient communication - Hilde Havermans, CIO Siemens
    - Tax issues for offering broadband – Stijn Dreesen, Telenet
    - Mobile communications, private and business use - Stefan Stijfhals, Mobistar

    The presentations are at your disposal (BELTUG members only). Exceptionally there will be no report of this meeting because BELTUG prepares a paper with recommendations for a corporate policy in June. The remarks, questions,... from this meeting will be included in this paper.


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