X-change on the challenges of regulations - presentations and report


Here you find the presentations and report of the X-change on regulations, March 17th 2008.

-Access to fixed broadband networks: Next Generation Netwerken (NGNs), VDSL, cable & fibre: find out how this will impact the market and its players' reach.
-Regulatory limitations on mobility within companies & public services seem in contradiction with current business demands. Come and brainstorm on how to overcome the barriers.
-The consequences of splitting up the competencies of regulator BIPT: discover the pros and cons of making telecoms regulation a regional matter.

You find the BELTUG opinion on regionalization of telecoms on

Soon BELTUG will publish its opinion on numbering and competition in Next Generation Networks.

The presentations and the report are at your disposal (BELTUG members only). 


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