X-change on Business Continuity - External Networks - Presentations and report


BELTUG X-change on Business Continuity - External Networks on Thursday April 10 - Users only.

Following the session that focused on a company's internal processes and the exemplary case of the National Bank of Belgium, we now address your links with external networks, providers and processes. How to guarantee your own business continuity if you are completely dependent upon your providers' business continuity programs (BCP)? Six providers are taking the opportunity to unveil their BCP status and expertise.

The presentations and the report are at your disposal (BELTUG members only):

-BCP status at Belgacom/Proximus
-BCP status at BT
-BCP status at Mobistar
-BCP status at Colt
-BCP status at Telenet Solutions
-BCP status at KPN (Versatel)


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