INTUG research report - Next Generation Networks (NGN) and Next Generation Access (NGA


The International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG) has identified NGNs as a strategic priority for its members, contacts and for business users globally.  As a result, it commissioned a detailed paper by Stratix Consulting to analyse the issues from a business user perspective, recognising that the focus in regulatory debate until now had been directed towards the telecom operators’ perspectives.

The paper highlights key issues to stimulate debate at national and international level within INTUG member communities, and elsewhere.   It also gives valuable input to INTUG’s response to the European Commission’s consultation on NGA Networks,
which will be submitted separately.  Both documents will be in the public domain.

The timing is critical.  Major investment decisions are being made by both the supply and demand side of the industry.  Improvements in growth, productivity and jobs for the whole economy, not just the telecom sector, are now of paramount importance, especially with many parts of the world’s economy now in recession.

NGNs represent an opportunity to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of services for business users and for domestic residential consumers, bringing greater harmonisation and consistency to network solutions internationally, more stimulation for innovation and investment, and a more vibrant environment for competition.

(BELTUG is a member of INTUG)

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