in memoriam Sergio Antocicco, board member and chairman of INTUG


Dear members and contacts of INTUG,

I have the extremely unpleasant task to inform you that we just have received from ANUIT the news that our chairman Sergio Antocicco passed away peacefully Sunday morning after having had surgery.

At last Tuesday morning his voice was heard in the opening slot of the INTUG conference in Brussels, and at Wednesday morning, during the INTUG council meeting, he called us personally - "by Voip cheap from a free hotspot outside the hospital", as he said - to tell that the operation was performed well.

Sergio was board member and chairman of INTUG for years, and played a very important diplomatic role in the recent EU telecom policy, where he stand in for the important position of the business user.

We lost a great friend and colleague, and INTUG lost a significant important well-respected lobbyist.

Let him find peace with fulfilment of his remarkable results.

For the INTUG board,

Jacob van Kokswijk,

Condoleances et cetera  please to:
Nicola Colecchia
Piazza P.Merolli, 2
00151 Roma


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