INTUG Position Paper on Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing or SaaS (Software as a Service) as it is often called, is getting more popular.

It means using applications residing on “hosts somewhere on the internet” rather than on the own PC or in the company’s Data Center. It’s based on a “Pay-as-you-go” principle rather than paying for a permanent software license.

This way one can use email, word processing or business applications on an ad-hoc basis.
Companies like Google strongly promote the idea to use intelligence on the web and competitors like IBM and Microsoft see opportunities in this area too. It looks like Cloud Computing will grow fast in the coming years and is here to stay.

But, what are the risks?

Obviously the provider’s infrastructure may break down or become unreachable.

And what about confidentiality, security, service levels, etc …

This INTUG paper offers a check list with six questions to ask to define if “Cloud Computing” should be considered for a particular business application or not.


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